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Business Startup Guide

Business Guide

Starting a Business

The guide provides general information from choosing a name to more specific required permits and licenses as you are guided step-by-step while you open your business.

Business License Information

The City of Downey is known for an environment that makes living, working, and doing business here a pleasure. This positive image is the result of high development standards, and commitment to create a pleasant, safe, and attractive surrounding for all residents, businesses, and property owners. The City's regulations and reviews ensure that those standards are applied to everyone equally in an effort to promote community harmony, health, and safety, while at the same time recognizing those qualities that make each business unique.

Obtaining a Business License

A business license is required to conduct any type of business in the City of Downey, including home occupation, temporary activities and contractors with offices outside of Downey.

Steps to complete the application process:

1.Obtain Application
a. Pick up a Business Registration application from the Planning Division - first floor of City Hall,
or download the application.
b. Complete the application and supplemental forms before submitting to the Planning Division in person .
c. If your Business Registration application is approved by the Planning Division an Inspection Card will be
given to you, unless you are operating a Home Occupation business.
d. For out of town vendors or contractors providing a service in Downey, see #5 & 6 below.

2. Pay the $30.00 non refundable application deposit at the Cashier window located on the first
floor of City Hall after receiving approval from the Planning Division
a. Additional fees may be required upon completion of the Inspection Card. Business License fees vary
according to the type of business.

3. City Review Period
a. Once the application is turned in, the approval process begins. The City Departments (i.e. Building,
Fire and Police) will review your application and location.
b. It is the applicant's responsibility to call and request an on-site inspection and obtain a signature
of approval. Phone numbers are listed in the Business Registration packet.

4. Completed Inspection Card
a. Turn in the completed Inspection Card to the Cashier window and pay additional fees if required.
b. A Business License certificate will be issued within two weeks.
c. The Business Registration process is not complete or valid until the Business License certificate
is received.

5. Process for out of town vendors, service providers, contractors or subcontractors
a. Pick up a Business Registration application from the Planning Division - first floor of City Hall,
or download the application.
b. Complete the application and turn in to the Cashier window and pay fees due as listed below.
c. The application can be mailed in with a check or money order payable to: City of Downey
Mailing address (for out of town vendors or contractors only):
City of Downey
Attn: Business License Registration
P.O. Box 7016
Downey, CA 90241-7016

6. Out of Town fees for 2010
a. For Contractors and Sub Contractors not located in Downey
A or B Class $39.27 per quarter
C Class $30.99 per quarter
(Local contractors have to pay for a full calendar year)

Quarters for the calendar year:
1st Quarter: Jan 1 - Mar 31
2nd Quarter: Apr 1 - Jun 30
3rd Quarter: Jul 1 - Sept 30
4th Quarter: Oct 1 - Dec 31

b. For Vendors or Service Providers not located in Downey
Full Year: $62.00
After Jul 1: $31.00