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Former NASA Industrial Plant


The former NASA Industrial Plant was the manufacturing home for both the Apollo Space Program and later the Spaceshuttle Program. The Downey NASA site produced the rockets and the landing capsules for the Apollo missions, and all of the reusable spaceshuttles used more recently. In addition to space travel, the Downey NASA site made several significant contributions to both commercial and military aviation. 

In 1998, the City of Downey purchased 66 acres of the former NASA Industrial Plant site. The City purchased the balance of the site (94 acres) in 2003. Using a very innovative and financially sound strategy, the City of Downey has been successful in obtaining both federal and state environmental clearance for the site, which paved the way for successful redevelopment of the former NASA site.  The City has since subdivided and sold off much of the site and created several key economic development projects.  The former NASA Downey site was the 2008 winner of the US EPA's Phoenix award for cleanup and reuse of a Brownfield site. Currently, there four projects at the site. 


On the northern section of the former NASA site is the approximately 375,000 square-foot Downey Landing Retail Center.  Click on the link to the left to see a profile of Downey Landing. 


Downey Studios is located on approximately 80 acres of land on the central portion of the former NASA site. This is the location of the first buildings at the site, which were constructed during the late 1920's through the mid 1940s. These buildings were home to some significant innovations in aviation and space travel. Some of the historic buildings at the Downey Studios site have been rehabilitated and reused by Downey Studios.  Downey Studios is a state of the art media production facility that includes two large sound stages, a back lot with a suburban street scene, and entertainment office space.


The City of Downey sold approximately 30 acres of the former NASA site to Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser has since constructed a state-of-the-art hospital and a new medical office building at the site.  Select the Kaiser Downey Medical Center link at the left to learn more about this important addition to the Downey community.  


The City of Downey created the Columbia Learning Center and Discovery Sports Park on the southern portion of the former NASA site, adjacent to the Kaiser Downey facility and Downey Studios.  The Columbia Learning Center is a new facility dedicated to educating both youth and adults about space travel.  Discovery Sports Park is the first new public park in Downey in more than 30 years.