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Home Buying Assistance

City of Downey Programs

First-time Homebuyer's Program
The City of Downey has teamed up with the housing non-profit organization Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), to offer a $60,000 down payment assistance loan to qualifying families in the community. The program allows for two (2) $30,000 loans to be combined, a City loan and a matching loan from NHS, to provide the borrower with a total $60,000 loan at 3% simple interest. The City’s interest will begin to be forgiven after the 20th year at a 1/10th rate per year; at the 30th year, the City’s original loan amount and any interest will be forgiven in its totality. If the homebuyer sells, transfers/changes title, refinances and cashes-out, and/or no longer utilizes the property as their primary residence before the 30th year, the original City loan amount, plus applicable interest, will be due and payable. NHS’ principal loan amount and interest will be due and payable at the 30th year. 

To apply for this program, you may visit NHS' website at:

For further information on this program contact:

Housing Division
Downey City Hall - 1st Floor
11111 Brookshire Avenue
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 904-7152

L.A. County Programs

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

The Mortgage Credit Certificate offers qualified first-time homebuyers a 15% federal income tax credit.
1. The homebuyer receives a federal tax credit each year.
2. The homebuyer’s federal income taxes are reduced.
3. The homebuyer’s buying power is increased.

Guidelines for Homebuyer:
1.Must have not owned a home the previous three years.
2. Must meet income and purchase prices restrictions.
3. Must use the home as their primary residence. The MCC program is administered by the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission. Additional information on eligibility and availability, including a list of authorized MCC lenders, can be obtained at or by calling (323) 890-7432 or (323)890-7248.

Southern California Financing Authority
This program offers qualified first-time homebuyers the opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan at decreased market rates.

Maximum Income Limits:
Qualifying 1 to 2 person households must have an income that does not exceed $102,480;
Qualifying 3 or more person households must have an income that does not exceed $119,560.

For more information call the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission at (323) 890-7249, or visit their website at