City Performance Management

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is the ongoing and systematic means of monitoring progress toward goals and ultimately improving results. In order to improve results, the data collected and reported upon must be used in decision making. Incorporating performance data into decision making can result in improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, and increased organizational efficiency. Performance management provides decision makers with data and evidence upon which to base policy decisions.

City's Performance Management Process

Since 2013, the City utilizes its Mission Statement, City Council Priorities, annual performance indicators & objectives, and ongoing performance measures to articulate the City’s purpose and how it achieves its purpose.

More specifically, during each budget cycle, the Downey City Council holds a Goal Setting Retreat and through the City Mission Statement and City Council Priorities, develops objectives and goals for the upcoming budget year. A quarterly status report is given to the City Council of the status of the current budget year objective and goals. A Final quarterly report is given through a formal Achievements brochure that is available for public viewing. 

City Council Priorities:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Efficiency & Adaptability
  • Economic Vibrancy
  • Quality of Life, Safety and Infrastructure
  • Public Engagement

Also during the budget process, City Departments review and update their respective ongoing performance measures. These measures help Departments and management make more effective decisions,provide higher quality services, and assist in improved allocation of resources and identify improvement initiatives.

To educate residents on the city's performance and enhance government accountability and transparency, the annual performance indicators and objectives, and ongoing performance measures are included in the City's Annual Budget.

Lastly, the City also conducts periodic residents surveys to ensure it is prioritizating residents interests and providing excellent customer service. 

Performance Indicators, Objectives, and Ongoing Performance Measures

The City's most recent performance indicators, objectives and ongoing performance measures (FY 2017-2018) are listed below. 

Administration Department

Administration - Performance Indicators & Objectives

City Attorney - Performance Measures

City Clerk - Performance Measures

City Council - Performance Measures

City Manager - Performance Measures

Columbia Memorial Space Center - Performance Measures

Human Resources - Performance Measures

Library - Performance Measures

Community Development Department

Community Development - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

Building & Safety - Performance Measures

Code Enforcement - Performance Measures

Economic Development & Housing - Performance Measures

Planning - Performance Measures

Finance Department

Finance - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

General Accounting  - Performance Measures (Includes Measures for Revenue Division)

Information & Technology - Performance Measures

Fire Department

Fire - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

Support Services - Performance Measures

Emergency Services - Performance Measures

Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

Cemetery - Performance Measures

Facilities & Events - Performance Measures

Fee- Support Recreation Programs - Performance Measures 

Golf Course - Performance Measures

Transit - Performance Measures

Police Department

Police - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

Detectives - Performance Measures

Field Operations - Performance Measures

Public Works Department

Public Works - Performance Indicators & Objectives

Administration - Performance Measures

Engineering - Performance Measures

Maintenance - Performance Measures

Utilities - Performance Measures

Resident Satisfaction Survey Results - 2013 & 2016


Any questions regarding the City's Performance Measures or to provide feedback, please contact