Green Task Force

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Green Task Force is be to educate and inform the City of Downey in order to foster greater environmental awareness and to ensure the continued implementation of sustainable practices throughout the City.

The goals of the Green Task Force are to:

  • Improve public and business community knowledge of environmental issues and priorities
  • Encourage more sustainable practices to protect the environment, the City, and public health
  • Address community environmental concerns and advise City Council on potential courses of action
  • Focus on both short-term and long-term approaches to greater sustainability in the Downey community

The Green Task Force meets every 4th Monday of the each month at 5pm - Downey City Hall, 2nd Floor Training Room. For more information, please call the City Manager's Office at 562-904-7284.

Agendas & Minutes

The Green Task Force agendas & minutes can be found in the City’s online document repository under “Committees, Commissions, Boards – Agendas & Minutes"

  • Click here to view agendas and minutes.


    Primary sources of energy in the Downey community are electricity, provided chiefly by Southern California Edison, and natural gas, provided by Southern California Gas Company.  As regulated utilities, both are mandated to provide services and information to the community.  Therefore, many money and energy saving tips and services are available through both companies and can be found on their websites.  Below are links to energy and money saving web pages:
    California Energy Commission - Saving Energy
    U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Saving Tips
    Southern California Edison - Rebates and Savings
    SoCal Gas Company - Energy Efficiency, Residential Rebates and Multifamily Rebates


    The City of Downey, through CalMet Services, Inc., provides the community with one of the longest established curbside recycling services in the United States.  In addition to weekly trash, recycling, and green waste pickup, CalMet offers numerous recycling services to the residential and business community.  There are also many other online resources with money-saving tips designed to help residents and businesses REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE.  Links to some of these sites are provided below. 

    U.S. EPA - Wastes
    CalRecycle - Ways to Cut Your Trash in Half and Publications and Tips
    Tree Hugger - Recycling Tips
    Future Friendly - Waste Reduction Advice


    The City relies on groundwater pupmed from groundwater wells owned and operated by the City of Downey to meet 100% of its potable water demands with the balance of its overall water demands met with eco-friendly recycled water. Consequently, Downey is able to provide low-cost water to its residents and businesses at better rates than many surrounding communities.  Nevertheless, the multi-year drought conditions and diminishing water access, as well as the California Statewide 20x2020 Water Conservation Plan (with goals of 20% per capita decrease in water use by the year 2020), have made water conservation an ongoing priority for Southern California residents.  Below are links designed to help customers conserve water: 

        City of Downey - Water Conservation Tips
        Central Basin Municipal Water District - Shut Your Tap!
        Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - Water Saving Tips
        Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Are You Ready?

    Green Building

    As sustainable building standards gain importance in the global and local community, the City of Downey looks to update its building codes in accordance with these evolving standards of sustainable practice.  Here are links to sites that offer information regarding Green Building:

    City of Downey - Green Building Code Requirements
    Build It Green - Checklists, Guidelines and Manuals


    Landscaping for public spaces, businesses, and residences is a vital part of the total panorama of sustainable living.  Did you know that 60 to 70% of water use in Southern California is for landscaping irrigation?  

    One of the fastest developing and most desirable southern California trends is drought-resistant landscaping. Drought-resistant landscapign is desirable not only because the region is semi-arid to begin with, but because imported water supplies are always in jeopardy.  Aesthetics is important when considering sustainable practices in both public and private green space.  Finally, conserving the beauty and integrity of natural spaces, such as parks, forests, and, perhaps most importantly, bodies of water, is a high priority for all who want to live sustainably in Southern California. Here are links to green landscaping and conservation ideas for open spaces:

    U.S. EPA - Greenacres: Landscaping with Native Plants
    Los Angeles County Public Works - Smart Gardening
    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - The Garden Spot
    CalReycle - Landscaping Waste Prevention


    The cost and environmental impact of fuels for transportation, both public and private, has gained perhaps the highest profile of all sustainability issues on the global stage.  Public interest requires both fuel economy and decreasing emissions in transportation. Owners of older vehicles also seek to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.  Links to sustainable transportation-related sites are provided below: 

    U.S. Department of Energy - Fuel Economy
    City of Downey - Downey Transit Services
    Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Getting Started on MetroBike Metro and Commute Services
    Tree Hugger - Top Green Car Tips
    Environmental Transportation Options - Tips


    A clean environment is critical to the health and well-being of a community's citizens.  Of interest are air and water quality, pollution control, toxic cleanup, and containment  of communicable diseases.  Following are links that relate to environmental health:

    U.S. EPA - Air and Radiation
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Public Health Focus
    South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) - Smog and Climate Change
    Los Angeles County Public Health - Environmental Health

    Please view the 2010 Green Task Force Report below or click on the arrow box to the right to see it full screen.

    The Green Task Force recommends the following websites in an effort to promote environmental awareness and resources for the community.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Recycle City (U.S. EPA)
    California Environmental Protection Agency
    Department of Toxic Substance Control
    California Recycling Market Development Zone
    Solid Waste Information Management System
    L.A. County Ocean Water Monitoring Program
    California Resource Recovery Association
    The Environment Directory
    Environment News Service
    Tree People
    Natural Resources Defense Council
    U.S. Department of Energy
    California Energy Commission
    E-waste Recycling Locator
    List of Recycling Coordinators in Los Angeles County
    Earth's 911 Recycling Center Locator
    The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide
    County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
    South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
    California Air Resources Board
    Keep Downey Beautiful
    Downey Thinks Green
    Clean L.A.
    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California