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Measure S Information

Measure S, an increase of ½ percent to the transactions and use tax, was approved by 63% of Downey voters in November 2016 and went into effect on April 1, 2017. 

Measure S is expected to generate approximately $9 million per year to protect and enhance the quality of services to the community, including:

  • Maintaining a city-run Police Department and Fire Department, which ensures quick response times to Downey emergencies, saving lives and keeping our community safe
  • Enhancing police services to support crime, gang and drug prevention programs like safe and supervised activities for kids that keep them off the streets, away from gangs and out of trouble
  • Putting more officers on the street and improving law enforcement response times to all neighborhoods in our city
  • Ensuring adequate funding for parks, youth and senior programs and keeping Downey one of the safest cities, with the highest quality of life, in the area
  • Investing in early repairs of streets and sidewalks to continue to improve Downey’s business community and avoid extremely costly repairs in the future

Measure S requires an independent citizens’ oversight to ensure funds are spent properly.  The Measure expires in 20 years and cannot be renewed without voter approval.

What Sales Tax Rate do I pay in Downey?

As of July 2017, sales tax in Downey is 10.25%.

Note: Los Angeles County voters approved additional sales tax increases (Measure M at 0.5% and Measure H at 0.25% for 10 years) which resulted in County sales tax increases beginning in July 2017.

November 2016 Measure S is Approved by Downey Voters
January 2017 Began Recruiting New Police Officers
April 2017 Businesses Began Charging Measure S Sales Tax
June 2017 City Council Finalized List of Projects
September 2017 City Began Receiving Measure S Sales Tax Funds
November 2017 City Issued Bond Financing to Fund Projects
 January 2018

City Begins Requesting Proposals for Measure S Projects





Measure S Informational Flyer - June 30, 2018

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