Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee

Measure S requires the creation of an Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee be created to review on a quarterly basis, the City's expenditure of revenues generated by Measure S, review annual audit reports related to the Measure, and make at least one written annual report to the City Council at a public meeting.

The Committee consists of five members appointed by the City Council from each of the five Council Districts. Appointed members include:

 David R. Gafin, Chair Blanca Pacheco 
 Mario A Guerra, Vice-Chair Alex Saab
 Donald La Plante, Member Sean Ashton 
 Dorothy Pemberton, Member
Rick Rodriguez 
 Carrie Uva, Member Claudia Frometa

Resolution No. 16-7657 regarding the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee can be found here.

The Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee held their first quarterly meeting on April 11, 2018.

To view quarterly meeting agendas and minutes of the Oversight Committee, please click here.

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report