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Chief of Police
Carl Charles 562.904.2301
Captain S. Garza 562.904.2323
Administrative Services
Lieutenant B. Baker 562.904.2347
Professional Standards
Sergeant V. Rosario 562.904.2385
Special Enforcement Team
Corporal M. Clemann 562.904.2350
Officer J. Daniel 562.904.2353
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator     
J. Aguirre 562.904.2374
Systems Management
C. Parker (Network Engineer) 562.904.2367
J. Toussieng (IT Technician) 562.904.2373
Technical Services
Sergeant M. Villegas 562.904.2318
Records Bureau 562.904.2315




Name Section Contact
Captain S. Garza Investigation Division 562.904.2323
Lieutenant A. Irizabal
Investigation Division 562.904.2370
Sergeant L. Lacy  Crimes Against Persons 562.904.2340
Sergeant T. Lau
Crimes Against Property 562.904.2304
Sergeant G. Massie
Special Investigations (Narcotics) 562.904.2322
Sergeant E. Kelly
Special Investigations (Gangs) 562.904.2388
Cpl. T. Lockwood Auto Theft 562.904.2334
Cpl. B. Sherman Burglary 562.904.2320
Cpl. S. Aubuchon Domestic Violence 562.904.2361
Cpl. B. Welander Juvenile             562.904.2391
Supervisor T. Hiler Forensics 562.904.2312
L. Cole Forensics 562.904.2313
J. Pominville Forensics 562.904.2313
L. Anderson Forensics 562.904.2313
L. Marroquin Forensics 562.904.2313
Cpl. L. Medina Fraud/Forgery 562.904.2329
Cpl. D. Van Gangs 562.904.2386
Cpl. P. Edwards Gangs 562.904.4052
Cpl. R. Gee Homicide/Robbery 562.904.2331
Cpl. P. Hernandez Homicide/Robbery 562.904.2368
Cpl R. Del Rio Burglary 562.904.2324
Cpl. M. Galindo Homicide/Robbery 562.904.2330
Cpl. J. Yarbrough Sex Crimes 562.904.2328
Cpl. C. Bejines        Homicide/Robbery  562.904.2332
L. Medina Property / Evidence 562.904.2314




Field Operations

Name Section Contact
Captain D. Milligan Field Operations 562.904.2321
Lieutenant K. Mendoza Watch Commander 562.904.2319
Lieutenant L. Murray Watch Commander 562.904.2319
Lieutenant M. McDaniel Watch Commander 562.904.2319
Lieutenant S. Loughner Watch Commander 562.904.2319
Sergeant J. Pelayo Special Operations 562.904.2342
Officer M. Flores Traffic Detective 562.904.2339
  Front Desk 562.904.2308
  Dispatch (non-emergency) 562.861.0771