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Award Recipients


2016: Masonic Awards, Corporal Jerry Price and Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

2016: American Legion Award, Corporal Bernard Welander


2016: 10851 Awards

Officer David Van, Officer James Nenadal, Officer Jeff Frotton, Officer Steven Hernandez, Officer Marko Milosevich, Officer Mark Larini, Officer Bryan Chaidez, Officer Mike Hernandez, Corporal Chris Kurtz, Officer Russelll Asevo



2015 Downey Masonic Lodge # 220 Award

Annually, the Downey United Masonic Lodge #220 honors members of the Downey Police Department for their outstanding public service to the City of Downey.  On Thursday, March 19, 2015, Downey Masonic Lodge #220 honored Downey Police employees Training Coordinator Mike Ehrenfeldt and Officer Romo for their service to our community.

2015 Officer of the Year Award

On April 21, 2015,  Officer Barajas received the Officer of the year award from the American Legion Downey Post No. 270. This award recognizes officers who provide outstanding service and for their outstanding dedication to their profession.

2015 California Highway Patrol 10851 Award

On May 25, 2015, Corporal Kendall, Corporal Weinrich and Officer Mike Hernandez were awarded the California Highway Patrol 10851 award.  This award is given to patrol officers that recover multiple stolen vehicles in a 12 month period.