Employee of the Quarter
The Downey Police Department's “Employee of the Quarter” program recognizes employees that provide exemplary service to the Department.  Examples of exemplary service can include displaying a positive attitude which creates a positive influence on others, meeting specific goals or accomplishments during the quarter, performing above and beyond assigned duties, going out of his/her way to assist fellow employees and citizens, exhibiting outstanding work ethics, or offering new and innovative ideas resulting in improvement of services or processes.

Corporal Nate Weinrich
Employee of the Quarter, April - June 2015

Corporal Nate Weinrich was selected as the Downey Police Department’s Employee of the Quarter for the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Nate is an extremely pro-active member of the Downey Police Department.  He is currently a Field Training Officer assigned to Patrol Division.  Nate's primary responsibilities included patrol within the city, responding to calls for service and investigating crimes.  Nate excels in the area of Auto Theft.  Nate is a Department leader in recovered stolen vehicles and arrests for auto theft.  Nate recently received the 10851 award for his efforts related to recovery stolen vehicles.
As a Field Training Officer, he continues to mentor our newest officers.  He has established a reputation as a dedicated teacher and trainer. We are fortunate to have Nate as a member of our police family, and we look forward to many more years of serving with him in our community.

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