Hi-Tech Crime Unit

Internet safety is rapidly becoming one of the toughest issues facing the public today. The Downey Police department has made it a top priority to protect our residents, against online predators, creating the department’s new “Hi-Tech Crime Unit” in early 2010. This investigative unit targets crimes which occur on the internet and through other forms of digital media such as cellular phones. The Downey Police Department is also affiliated with the Internet Crimes Against Children (I.C.A.C.) task force which is a national task force funded through the federal government. This affiliation has allowed our investigators to take a pro-active approach to investigating those people who are actively trying to exploit children via the internet.

The Downey Police Department’s Hi-Tech Crime Unit currently consists of two full-time investigators and two digital media forensic examiners. Since the beginning of 2010, these members have attended approximately 1,000 hours of certified training in this very technical field.