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Previous Press Releases

This page contains our previously published press releases in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

Shooting Update(466.5 KB)
6246.pdf(409.9 KB)
6248.pdf(351.5 KB)
6270.pdf(343.9 KB)
6328.pdf(410 KB)
abc_grant.pdf(75.2 KB)
shooting.pdf(112.7 KB)
6477.pdf(78.5 KB)
Homicide Update(52.3 KB)
Bunco Scams(124.8 KB)
Big Lots 211(74.1 KB)
Homicide 8-14-15(111.3 KB)
Attempt Suicide(12.9 KB)
DUI Checkpoint(304.3 KB)
DUI Checkpoint(436.8 KB)
School Safety(103 KB)
Robbery Arrests(87.4 KB)
Auto Theft Award(124.1 KB)
Home Safety(141 KB)