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Redistricting Commission Releases Final Maps

The Statewide Citizens Redistricting Commission voted today on the preliminary final maps for assembly, state senate, congressional and board of equalization districts.

“We began this process with the goal of keeping our City whole in all of the districts and we are pleased the Commission’s preliminary final maps show that we’ve accomplished our goal and our community will remain united in our districts,” said Mayor Luis Marquez.

“On behalf of the City of Downey, we want to acknowledge and express our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the members of the Redistricting Commission,” added Mayor Pro Tem Roger Brossmer.

Following today’s vote on the final maps, the Redistricting Commission voted to ratify the maps on August 15, 2011. Any legal challenge to the Commission’s maps will be sent straight to the California Supreme Court for review, so that if a judicial decision on the maps is necessary, it can be made in time for the June 2012 elections.

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