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Free Emergency Water Storage Barrels

The Downey Emergency Preparedness Committee and CERT volunteers will be distributing free plastic food-grade barrels for emergency water storage on Saturday morning, September 24th. The storage of an ample supply of fresh water is one of the most important actions community members can take as they prepare for an emergency.

The location for the September 24th event will be the Discovery Sports Complex / Columbia Memorial Space Center on Columbia Way, near Lakewood Blvd.  The distribution will be a ‘drive-thru’ only event. There will be no accommodations for walk-up visitors. All attendees will be directed to stay with their vehicles as they work their way through the distribution effort. A maximum of one barrel per vehicle will be the limit. This distribution event will be held rain or shine.

The distribution of the barrels will begin at 8am. The event will end when the supply of barrels is exhausted or at 11am, whichever comes first. The barrels are a donation from the Downey Coca-Cola facility and staff.

Each barrel is cleaned and rinsed by Coca-Cola staff members before delivery to the distribution site by Coca-Cola trucks and drivers. The barrels vary in size from 15-55 gallons. The exact quantity of each size of barrel varies for each event. A special instructional label is attached to each barrel.

Barrel pumps, siphon hose and handles for the barrel caps will be available for purchase at the event. Cash or checks will be accepted. These items are not necessary for water storage, but they are very helpful when dispensing or changing the water. The cost for a pump is $15, siphon hose is $7, and the special barrel handle costs $8.

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