Professional Photographers Permit

Permit for Professional Photographers to film/photograph in City Parks

Any professional photographer conducting business in a city park must apply for a Film/Photography permit at least five working days prior to working in the park.  The permit consists of a $30.00 City of Downey Business Registration, a $1000.00 refundable deposit and requires proof of liability insurance.  The photographer must supply a Certificate of Insurance naming their business and the City of Downey co-insured for $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) liability insurance per occurrence. Applications to apply must be completed and presented in person at the Fire Department in City Hall, 11111 Brookshire, Downey, CA.

Forms for the Film/Photograph permits are as follows:

City of Downey
11111 Brookshire Avenue 
Downey, CA 90241 
(562) 904-7246