Collection Development Policy

The Downey City Library provides information for users of all ages with diverse interests and opinions. Materials are selected to provide different points of view on a variety of subjects, including controversial issues. The library does not endorse a particular belief or viewpoint, allowing its users to form their own opinions.

Internet Access at the Library

The Internet computers are available to anyone with a valid Downey City Library card. The Library Advisory Board has approved the Acceptable Use Internet Policy, which includes a provision that allows a parent or guardian to restrict access to the Internet at the library for their minor child (under 18 years of age). The form is available at the library circulation desk and must be completed if a parent does not want their own minor child to access the Internet at the library.

Computer Use Guidelines:

  1. Computers are available to anyone who has a valid Downey City Library card.
  2. The library card cannot have fines/fees of a dollar or more.
  3. The library card cannot have more than one item overdue.
  4. Computers may be booked for up to one hour a day.
  5. In-house reservations may be scheduled for same day use only.
  6. Reservations are held for 5 minutes after the scheduled time and are then automatically cancelled.
  7. Patrons may only use the library card issued under their name.
  8. One person per computer (except parents of young children.)
  9. Printing is fifteen cents per page and you may pay with coins or dollar bills.
  10. Users must comply with staff directions regarding computer use and behavior.

Computer Users May Not:

  1. Share minutes or sit at an unoccupied computer workstation.
  2. Use the library’s facilities to gain unauthorized access to the library’s network computer systems or any other computer system in any other facility.
  3. Obstruct other people’s work by using the system unreasonably or by deliberately crashing or disrupting any computer system.
  4. Make any attempt to deliberately damage the computer hardware or software or deliberately and knowingly introduce a computer virus.
  5. Make any attempt to alter, change or modify a computer’s configuration.
  6. Make any attempt to cause degradation of any system’s performance.
  7. Engage in any tortious activity including libel or slander.
  8. Send, receive or display text or graphics that may be reasonably construed as obscene.
  9. Solicit funds, or sell products or services.
  10. Use or install any software program.
  11. Disrupt other patrons or staff with loud music, noise, cell phones, or behavior.

Misuse of the Library’s Internet computer or internet access or flagrant disregard of the rules may result in loss of Internet privileges, loss of borrowing privileges, expulsion from the library or civil/criminal prosecution.