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Downey Reminds Residents that Illegal Fireworks are Prohibited

Post Date:06/18/2020

Downey, CA, June 16, 2020:

The City would like to remind residents to celebrate safely this 4th of July by ONLY using “Safe and Sane” fireworks.  The use of illegal fireworks is strictly prohibited and punishable by fine.    


Illegal fireworks cause thousands of injuries each year resulting in house fires, costly property damage and severe injury.  Examples of illegal fireworks include large bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, and sparklers.  Sparklers can reach over 1,000°F and account for most fireworks-related injuries to children ages five and under.  Fireworks are also frightening to many pets and wildlife, with the peak loss of pets during the year occurring on the 4th of July.  


The following fines and other enforcement action will be implemented on anyone using illegal fireworks:


First offense:                    $2,000 fine

Second offense:               $2,500 fine

Any offense thereafter     $3,000 fine


The Downey Police Department, in partnership with the Downey Fire Department, will be out in the community proactively enforcing all local and state laws in an effort to ensure a safe 4th of July holiday for everyone.     


“The men and women of the Downey Police Department want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July,” said Police Chief Dean Milligan.  “Our priority is to keep our community safe from the dangers associated with the illegal use of fireworks. We have a zero tolerance for fireworks violations and will be taking enforcement action. Please enjoy the holiday, but celebrate responsibly and safely.”


Fire Chief Mark Gillaspie added, “"To our residents and those who visit our City, the Downey Fire Department would like to re-emphasize that the discharge of illegal fireworks is dangerous and a significant fire hazard to the community.  Only State Fire Marshal approved Safe and Sane fireworks are permitted to be discharged in the City of Downey.  Any firework that discharges high into the air is illegal and extremely dangerous to the user and those around. I hope everyone enjoys safely celebrating our nation's Independence during this 4th of July.”


“The safety of our residents and our community remains our top priority,” said Mayor Blanca Pacheco.  “Lighting illegal fireworks is never safe and by doing so, you not only put yourself at risk, but others as well.  Please keep our City safe this upcoming 4th of July holiday and take a moment to remember those who worked hard to ensure our Country’s freedom. 


Mayor Pro Tem Claudia M. Frometa commented, “I encourage our Downey residents to take into account the harmful consequences that illegal fireworks can create and to abide by the recommendations of our Police and Fire Departments.  Please be safe and let us not forget why we celebrate the 4th of July, as this day symbolizes all that our nation stands for.” 


The discharge of Safe and Sane fireworks is ONLY allowed on July 4th from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



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