Facilities Conduct Policy

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The Parks & Recreation Department’s first priority is public service. Everyday, hundreds of people visit our facilities to attend programs, take recreational/leisure classes, enjoy special events, enjoy services offered and request information from city staff. Because we pride ourselves in quality customer service, we have established a Facilities Conduct Policy (“Policy”) so that Facility Users can enjoy our city facilities and city staff can have a pleasant and safe working environment. This Policy applies to the all city facilities and includes all picnic shelters, rooms, restrooms, and open park space (“city facilities”):

The Parks & Recreation Department requires that all Facility Users comply with the following rules of conduct in all city facilities:

  1. Facility Users shall not engage in any activity prohibited by municipal, state and/or federal laws.
  2. Facility Users shall not engage in disruptive behavior, such as talking loudly, making noise or engaging in conduct that disturbs, annoys or harasses others as determined by city staff after reasonable investigation.
  3. Facility Users shall not engage in conduct that interferes with the ability of city staff to manage and operate city facilities.
  4. Facility Users shall not use vulgar, obscene or profane language directed towards other patrons, facility service providers/vendors or city staff.
  5. Facility Users shall not engage in horse play or other unsafe behavior that poses a risk of injury to persons or property.
  6. Facility Users shall not interfere with or disrupt any organized program or event.
  7. Facility Users shall not bathe or sleep in city facility restrooms.
  8. Facility Users shall follow the directives of city staff in enforcing this Policy.

The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to prohibit the use of its facilities and premises by persons who do not abide by this Policy. Facility Users who fail to comply with park rules are subject to arrest pursuant to Downey Municipal Code Section 10102.

City staff shall enforce this Policy as follows:


The Parks & Recreation Department Director or city staff may issue a verbal and/or written warning to a Facility User who commits any violation of this Policy. The verbal or written warning shall advise the Facility User that he/she must comply with this Policy or be excluded from the city facility where the violation occurred for a 24-hour period.

Exclusion from City Facility

After being warned by the Parks & Recreation Department Director or city staff in writing or verbally of a violation of this Policy, and after failing to comply with this Policy following such warning, the Director or city staff may exclude the Facility User from use of that city facility for a 24-hour period. The Facility User shall be re-admitted to that city facility at the expiration of the 24-hour period.