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Records Bureau StaffThe Downey Police Department Records Bureau is comprised of Records Specialists who work around the clock processing our City's arrests and crimes into local, state and national databases. Records Bureau Specialists must maintain a level of expertise in each of these databases, knowing the criteria and coding that is critical to the entries required. Accuracy and timeliness are paramount in this undertaking. The Department of Justice tests and certifies each Records Specialist every two years. Additionally, the Department of Justice regularly audits the Records Bureau to ensure that accuracy and confidentiality are maintained.

In 2016, the Records Bureau processed 4,150 adult and juvenile arrests checking for warrants and preparing court documentation. The Records Bureau processed 10,110 reports, coding and compiling the statistics required by State and Federal government. These statistical reports are the main vehicle by which the City receives Federal and State funding for its operation.

Included in the many other responsibilities handled by this Bureau are Missing Persons, "Be-on-the-Lookout" telecommunications and Stolen Vehicle reports. Additionally, Records Specialists respond to public requests for reports, vehicle releases, local records checks, and information on arrested subjects. When females are arrested, Records Specialists conduct the required pat-down search known as Matron Duty. At times, Records Specialists provide care for the children of victims or arrestees. The work performed by the Records Bureau is vital to the efficient functioning of the Police Department. The Records Specialist is a unique position requiring extensive knowledge, dedication, patience and a commitment to serve our community.

Accident Reports

Accident reports are available for your convenience online. To obtain a copy of an accident report, please visit to register for an account.