Uniform Patrol

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The Patrol Division incorporates cutting edge technology to enhance performance. Each police vehicle is equipped with a laptop computer, allowing officers to receive calls for service, create reports, locate addresses, and check the status of vehicles and persons. Each vehicle is also equipped with the latest technology in digital in-car cameras.

Each patrol officer is supplied with a variety of "less-lethal" technology, which includes pepper spray and Taser. "Bean bag" firing shotguns are also at the officers' disposal. The implementation of these "less-lethal" tools has resulted in fewer injuries to both officers and suspects.

Today, the department is authorized 121 sworn officers, and uniform patrol fields approximately 70 officers, serving over 110,000 residents in a 12.6 square mile area. For patrol purposes, the City is divided into 6 "beats" with each beat patrolled by an assigned officer. Each area is generally patrolled by the same officer on a continuous basis, allowing the officer to become more familiar with the areas of concern within his/her respective area.