Property / Evidence

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Property and Evidence technicianThe Property and Evidence Section is responsible for processing and storing thousands of pieces of property that come into the possession of the Downey Police Department. Property may be classified as evidence connected with case investigations, search warrants, or seized contraband. The Property and Evidence Technician is responsible for insuring the integrity of evidence submitted and must coordinate its release when it is necessary to present it as exhibits during trials.

Property may also be classified as found or for safekeeping. Found property is kept for 90 days. Safekeeping property is kept for 60 days. The Property and Evidence Technician, in conjunction with detectives, makes a diligent attempt to return items to the rightful owner.

In 1998, the Property and Evidence section began to utilize a bar coding system in order to efficiently and effectively account for the number and variety of items processed. The automated bar coding system allows for automated tracking of every piece of property, regardless of its classification. This permits the efficient return of found property and safekeeping items, as well as allowing the Department the ability to effectively audit items of an evidentiary nature.

The Property and Evidence Room is open Monday-Thursday. Property is released by appointments oniy between the hours of 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.