Special Investigations

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Special Investigations is comprised of Narcotics and Gang Investigators. The Narcotics Unit is dedicated to aggressively investigating narcotic related offenses. This area of enforcement is unique and requires highly specialized training. Narcotic investigations often require investigators to act in an undercover capacity and frequently take them outside the City. Investigators are trained in surveillance techniques, search warrant service and specialized weaponry.

Drug use and sales are often related to other serious crimes and are a threat to any community. This Department is dedicated to proactive enforcement and has participated in various narcotic task forces to further enhance our ability to combat narcotic activity in our community.

Our Gang Investigators are equally committed to making an impact in the area of gang enforcement. We realize that gang members and the illicit activities in which they engage have a negative effect on the quality of life of our citizens. To that end, the Gang Detectives are responsible for follow-up investigations of crimes related to gang activity of committed by gang members, including graffiti. Additionally, they take a proactive stance towards gang enforcement and are often out on the street making contact with gang members. Our Gang Investigators also work closely with the schools and local groups such as Gangs Out of Downey (GOOD). This partnership increases their effectiveness in suppressing gang activity within our City.

You can visit the Gangs Out of Downey (G.O.O.D.) website by visiting www.gangsoutofdowney.org

Special Investigations unit with vehicle