Department History

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Cars, motorcycles, and officers lined up

The Downey Police Department opened its doors in 1957 on the site of the old Downey Elementary School. The Department operated at that location until 1984, at which time it moved to its newly constructed site, where it continues operation today. The Arch entry way of the old police station was saved as a tribute to the architecture and personnel that occupied the building for 27 years. The Arch was relocated to its present location off Civic Center Drive.

Downey Police Officers began patrolling the streets of Downey in 1957, serving 83,000 residents. The Department was authorized to hire a total of 50 officers (including both uniform and non-uniform).

Historical vs modern badge designs

In 1996, the "Eagle" style badge was redesigned to the badge currently worn. The shoulder patch, too, underwent a redesign, and the familiar 'Orange" patch was replaced with a more subdued Blue/Navy Blue theme.

In 1988, the all-white Downey Police car was replaced with the black and white police car in operation today.

Old white police car next to modern black-and-white one