Capital Improvements

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Capital Improvement Section implements the City's Annual Capital Improvement Program. This includes the planning, project development, right-of-way acquisition, environmental documents, survey, design, inspection, and contract administration for the City’s capital projects. CIP section works closely with the other City departments, private consultants, contractors, and the public to ensure timely delivery of quality projects. It is the City's objective to complete as many needed capital improvement projects as financially possible while maintaining flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes as they occur.

The CIP section consists of two groups: Design and the Construction Group. The Design group is responsible for the preparation of plans and specifications including cost estimates for various Capital Improvement projects. The Construction group is responsible for contract administration, inspection and testing of materials to be incorporated into the project.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the design, bidding and implementation of formal Public Works Construction Contracts as described in the City’s Capital Improvement Program;
  • These projects predominantly consist of street and highway work including street and intersection widening, raised median islands, landscaped streetscape enhancements, pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing, slurry seal, miscellaneous concrete construction and repair;
  • Other projects include traffic signal installations upgrade and communications, traffic safety, street lighting, public facilities, water utility, waste and storm water, community services and redevelopment projects;
  • Provides Capital Project contract administration support to other City Departments and Divisions as needed.

Project Classification

Projects identified in the Capital Improvement Program are placed in one of seven broad-based infrastructure functional areas:

  • Streets
  • Traffic Safety
  • Public Facilities
  • Water Utility
  • Waste and Storm Water
  • Community Services
  • Redevelopment

Projects may be classified in one or more of three fundamental categories:

  • Community Preservation: maintain or improve existing infrastructure improvements and/or levels of service to the community.
  • Infrastructure Development: construction of new facilities and infrastructure to provide for the growing needs over time.
  • Community Enhancement: add to community beautification and livability.

These categories assist City staff in the overall prioritization of projects. Most often, Projects which fall under the community preservation are of higher priority than the other two categories, in that the emphasis is on maintaining existing service levels to the community. Flexibility exists in the prioritization of Infrastructure Development and Community Enhancement projects depending on the rate of community expansion and available resources.

View a project schedule of current CIP projects.