Traffic Engineering

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The Traffic/Transportation Engineering Section is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians on city streets. The Traffic Engineering Section also ensures that the City streets, sidewalk, parking lots, traffic control signs, and pavement markings are maintained to provide safe and accessible public passage in the City. The additional responsibilities include Traffic Operations, Parking Permits, Street Lighting, and Pedestrian Programs.

Functional Aspects

  • Planning, design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals;
  • Planning, design, and operation of street lights;
  • Street lighting, safety lighting, and landscaping assessments;
  • Speed surveys and speed limits;
  • Traffic investigations in response to public concerns;
  • Temporary traffic control management for construction;
  • Traffic safety analysis and mitigation program;
  • Traffic engineering studies including intersection operational analysis, vehicular delay evaluation, traffic volume measurements, etc;
  • Transportation planning activities related to circulation element of the General Plan, sub-regional and regional transportation plans, and traffic modeling and forecasting;
  • Review of site traffic impact analysis and environmental studies related to circulation;
  • School safety programs (e.g. educational brochures, crossing guard evaluation, safe routes to schools, etc);
  • Street sweeping parking permit program;
  • Central Business District parking (on-and off-street parking);
  • On-Street parking restrictions;
  • Traffic and Transportation System Management;
  • Development planning and access management;
  • Grant applications to seek federal, state, and regional transportation revenues;
  • Regional and sub-regional transportation planning/engineering coordination;
  • Transportation capital improvement projects;
  • Various ordinance and resolution activities;and
  • For Street Light Repairs Reporting Please Contact Southern California Edison at Ph: (800) 655-4555 or (800) 611-1911.

For additional information or any inquiries, please contact:

Public Works Department - Traffic Engineering
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Or send mail to us at:

City of Downey
Public Works Department - Traffic Engineering
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