Street Lights Maintenance / New Lights Request

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Street Lights Maintenance

The maintenance of "Street Lights" in Downey involves two types of jurisdictions. These two jusrisdictions are "City Areas" and "Southern California Edison (SCE) Areas". The major portion of the street lights fall under the Southern California Edison (SCE) maintenance area. In order to report malfunction of a street light, please use the jurisdiction map as a guide to identify the responsible maintenance entity.

To report a street light malfunction for City's maintenance jurisdiction use this link: Downey Resident Service Request System

To report a street light malfunction in SCE maintenance jurisdiction, complete the Edison Street Light Outage Report. For more information about SCE Street Light Outages, please refer to SCE Street Light Outage Guide.

Procedure for Requesting the Installation of Street Lights

The following are the guidelines to request installation of a new street light.

  1. Temporary lights can be installed by Southern California Edision on existing wood utility poles (if any exists on your street block) at no cost to you.
  2. If there are no utility poles on your street block, you may request the installation of a permanent street lighting system with concrete poles and underground electrical services on your street block.
  3. If you and other residents wish to pursue this option, please submit a written request for the installation of a permanent street lighting system to the Department of Public Works. A petition will then be prepared by the City staff and transmitted to your attention. The petition shall be circulated to each property on your street block. Sixty percent (60%) of the residents will need to sign the petition in favor of the installation of a permanent street lighting system on your street block in order to demonstrate the required level of support for the proposal.
  4. Upon submittal of the petition to the Department of Public Works showing the required 60% level of support, the properties on your block will be annexed into the City's Lighting and Landscaping Assessment District through a public hearing conducted by the City Council in June of each year.
  5. The new street lighting system will then be programmed in the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and the system will subsequently be designed and installed (typically during the following year). You and other residents on your street block will be assessed the up-front capital cost associated with the design and installation costs of the street lighting system through your annual county property tax bills.