Records & Maps

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Available information includes survey records, subdivision maps, city maps, aerial photos, City standard drawings, sewer connection locations, bench marks, and centerline ties.

Survey Records

  • Center Line Ties and Property Corner Offsets
  • Tract and Parcel Maps
  • Survey elevation at street intersections (Benchmarks)
  • Street Right-of-Way information (width of street, sidewalk, and parkway)

Property Information

  • County Assessor Maps
  • Parcel Maps
  • Tract Maps


  • General City Map
  • Hardcopy City Maps at Various Scales
  • Substructure Maps of Utilities
  • House Numbering Maps

Utility Information

  • Substructure Maps
  • Flood Zone Maps and Database
  • Database for Permits

Standard Drawings

  • Standard Details for Domestic Water Services Connections
  • Standard Details for Sewer Services and Connections
  • Standard Details for Fire Services and Connections
  • Standard Details/Requirements for Utility Excavation and Backfill
  • City standards for Driveway, Curb, Gutter, and sidewalk
  • City standards for Alley Construction
  • City standards for Street Light Installation
  • City Standards for various other Street Improvements

Aerial Photos

  • 2006 Color Aerial Photos