Trash & Recycling

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This section provides care for the enhancement of environmental resources of the community. The main functions of this section include residential collection services for solid waste, recycling and yard waste through exclusive franchise. Additionally, this section provides information to residents and businesses on waste reduction, and backyard composting. Provides educational information on environmental issues to the citizens, schools and businesses.

The current programs operated under this section are:

  • Trash Collection
  • Recycling - Residential Curbside
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Holiday Trash Collection
  • Bulky Item Collection
  • Holiday Tree Collection
  • Recycling - Used Motor Oil and Oil Filters
  • Hazardous Materials - Disposal
  • Hazardous Materials - Spill or Release
  • Recycling Centers
  • Composting
  • Holiday Toy Collection

Trash Collection

Weekly curbside refuse collection for all single-family and multi-family dwellings of four units or less is provided through CalMet Services, the city's franchised residential trash hauler. Because pickup of trash is automated, refuse is collected only in the containers provided to the residents by CalMet Services. Containers to be serviced must be placed curbside (either on the curb or in the gutter) or in the alley by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day. Trash containers should not be set out for collection before 6:00 p.m. on the previous day, and containers must be removed within 12 hours after collection.

Each resident is supplied with a set of three color-coded containers. The blue container marked "Recyclables Only" is to be used only for the following items: cardboard, paper, metal, glass, and plastic containers (See "Recycling" below).

The green container marked "Yard Waste Only" is to be used only for the following items: grass, leaves, bush & hedge trimmings, and tree trimmings under 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter. Please do not deposit palm fronds, ice plant, tree fruit or other refuse in the green containers. Bundled yard trimmings (not to exceed 4 feet in length) may also be collected as a Bulky Item.

The gray container marked "Refuse Only" is for non-recyclable trash. Any item not on the accepted list for the Recyclables or Yard Waste containers should be placed in the gray container.

Additional containers may be obtained by calling CalMet Services at 562-259-1239. The cost of additional containers is $3.38 per month for the Gray "Trash" container and $3.38 per month for the Green "Yard Waste" container. There is no charge for an additional Blue "Recycling" container.

Items such as dirt, brick, block and concrete should not be mixed in with regular refuse. This is construction debris, and requires a special pickup. Also, large bulky items such as furniture, appliances and bundled yard trimmings require a special pickup. Residents need to call CalMet Services at 562-259-1239 to make arrangements for these collections.

Residents are reminded that hazardous material such as paint, motor oil, pesticides and chemicals must not be placed in trash containers.

For further information or questions, you may contact CalMet Services' web page or call the Public Works Department at (562) 904-7103.

Recycling - Residential Curbside

As part of the residential trash collection service, every home is supplied with a blue automated recycling container to collect the following recyclable items: aluminum cans, aluminum foil, metal coat hangers, empty aerosol containers, all plastic containers, and clear/brown/green glass bottles and jars with the lids removed. No Styrofoam, Please

Also include paper items such as newspaper, magazines and catalogs, telephone books, cardboard, cardboard 12-pack soda cartons, cereal boxes with the wax paper removed, food boxes such as cake mixes, crackers, etc., tissue boxes, pizza boxes, cardboard egg cartons, junk mail, white and colored ledger paper, computer paper, and envelopes.

The blue container is intended to be used exclusively for the recyclable materials listed above. Please do not put trash or yard waste clippings in this barrel, as it will not be picked up.

On the morning of your regular trash collection day, place the blue recycling container along with your green waste and regular trash containers curbside (either on the curb or in the gutter) or in the alley by 6:00 a.m.

If the hauler did not empty your recycling barrel, check to see if you are preparing the materials properly and are including only acceptable items. If everything seems correct, you should call CalMet Services, at 562-259-1239.

If you would like further information about the residential recycling program or have a concern about your service, you may call CalMet Services at (562) 259-1239 or Public Works Administration at (562) 904-7103.

Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan

Article V, Chapter 8 (Ordinance No. 09-1252) of the Downey Municipal Code requires that 100% of inert debris and at least 50% of the remaining construction and demolition (C&D) debris generated during a construction or demolition project, be diverted from landfill. Covered applicants are required to complete a C&D Waste Management Plan (Form A) that details anticipated diversion practices, and materials to be recycled or reused. The Waste Management Plan Compliance Report (Form B) must be submitted 30 days after the completion of the project.

Holiday Trash Collection

On the following holidays, which are observed by the City's refuse hauler, Calmet Services, there will be NO residential trash, recycling or yard waste pick-up. However, it will be made made up. Trash will be collected the day AFTER the normal collection day for the remainder of the week. For example, Friday's trash will be collected on Saturday. The regular schedule will then resume the following Monday.

If you have a question concerning service or the holiday collection schedule, please call CalMet Services at 562-259-1239.

Bulky Item Collection

All homes with residential curbside collection are eligible to receive free, on-call, pick-up for bulky items that cannot be accommodated in the automated containers. Bulky items include, but are not limited to, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, electronics, mattresses, furniture, and bundled yard trimmings (not to exceed 4 feet in length).

Bulky items will be collected on the residents' regular collection day, and residents must call CalMet Services at 562-259-1239 ext. 244 at least one day prior to their collection day to schedule this special pick-up.

Holiday Tree Collection

The City of Downey through its franchised trash hauler, CalMet Services, provides a holiday tree collection service for homes with residential curbside collection. Collection of trees will occur on your regular trash collection day for the two weeks following Christmas.

The trees will be ground up for composting or used for the County Sanitation Districts' landfill Cover Project, and thus diverted from disposal as regular trash.

Residents should place their holiday trees at the curb or alley by 6:00 AM on their regular refuse collection day during that period. All decorations must be removed. Flocked trees are acceptable. Trees over four feet tall should be cut in half. All tree stands must be removed. Please do not place your tree in a plastic bag.

Commercial accounts (businesses and apartments) may call CalMet at 562-259-1239 ext, 7 for FREE pick-up of holiday trees. However, trees must be set out at the curb, not by trash bins.

Recycling – Used Motor Oil & Oil Filters

The City of Downey has established several State certified used motor oil recycling centers to take your used motor oil for FREE! To properly and safely dispose of your used motor oil and oil filters, simply place your used motor oil in a clean container. Do not place oil in metal containers or plastic bottles used for bleach, cleaners, paint or other automobile fluids. These may contaminate the used oil and prevents its reuse. Take your used motor oil and oil filters to one of the participating used oil collection centers listed below. Most collection centers will accept a maximum of 5 gallons of used motor oil per customer. Motor oil that is contaminated, or suspected of being contaminated, will not be accepted.

You will be entitled to a rebate of 40 cents per gallon; however, you, the recycler, may wish to donate the rebate to the center to further the recycling program effort.

Used oil recycling containers are available to Downey residents at no charge, subject to availability. To receive a used oil container, a brochure listing the oil recycling centers, or more information on the program, please call the City of Downey at 562-904-7103. To report countywide illegal dumping of used oil, please call 1-888-Clean LA (1-888-253-2652).

Some of the centers also collect used oil filters. Those centers are marked with an "*".

Please call the oil recycling centers for hours of operation and amount of oil accepted. The state certified used oil recycling centers are as follows:

  • Auto Zone 9920 Paramount Blvd. Phone: 776-3393
  • Auto Zone 13028 Paramount Blvd. Phone: 869-1545
  • *Champion Dodge 9655 E. Firestone Bl. Phone: 800-547-2617
  • *Downey Auto Wholesale 7255 E. Firestone Blvd. Phone: 928-3333
  • *Import Car Service 12107 S. Lakewood Blvd. Phone: 923-2814
  • *Jiffy Lube 7501 Firestone Blvd. Phone: 927-8806
  • *Jiffy Lube 12556 Lakewood Blvd. Phone: 869-7800
  • *O'Reilly Auto Parts 7839 Firestone Blvd. Phone: 861-9971
  • *Pep Boys 10231 Lakewood Blvd. Phone: 861-9909
  • *Firestone Store 9030 Cecilia St. Phone: 869-1597
  • *Penske Toyota 9136 Firestone Blvd. Phone: 843-2112 or 904-5600
  • *Downey Nissan 7550 Firestone Blvd. Phone: 334-1089
  • *Honda World Downey 11136 Dollison Dr. Phone: 929-7000

Hazardous Materials Disposal

Many of the materials used in the home are classified as hazardous materials, and are to be used with caution. A problem exists with how to get rid of these materials once they have served their usefulness. Materials such as used motor oil, paint, turpentine, cleaners that contain acids or lye, household and car batteries, pesticides and garden herbicides can be brought to a Free Household Hazardous Waste Roundup. Simply place all your hazardous materials in a sturdy box, preferably in their origional, labeled containers, and bring them to a roundup. In general, there is a limit of 15 gallons or 125 pounds per vehicle. Be prepared to leave your containers. Residents may obtain a listing of the locations of the roundups by calling the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works at 1-888-CLEAN-LA(888-253-2652), or visit Los Angeles County web page. The roundups are sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

Hazardous Materials - Spill Or Release

If a release of known or suspected hazardous materials is observed, call 911. Stay away from the material, and keep others away. Allow only trained personnel to respond to this type of situation.

Recycling Centers

For a list of area recycling centers, please refer to your local telephone directory or Several local grocery stores also have recycling centers located in their parking lots. For more detailed information about recycling, call the California Recycling Hotline at 1-800-RECYCLE(800-732-9253).

Several local grocery stores also have recycling centers located in their parking lots. For more detailed information about recycling, call the California Recycling Hotline at 1-800-RECYCLE(800-732-9253). . Several local grocery stores also have recycling centers located in their parking lots. For more detailed information about recycling, call the California Recycling Hotline at 1-800-RECYCLE(800-732-9253).


Composting is an excellent way to use yard waste as a valuable resource. Leaves, grass clippings, and the remains of garden plants and selected food scraps make good compost. The dark, crumbly organic matter from your compost pile can be used to enrich the soil in the garden as well as for houseplants and planters. For more information about how to compost, composting workshops, or purchasing a composting bin or instruction book, visit or call the City's Public Works Department at 562-904-7103.

Holiday Toy Collection Program

Since 1986 the Department of Public Works has operated the Holiday Toy Collection Program to provide holiday cheer for those children less fortunate. Sponsored by the City's Recycling Program, this toy drive is a three-week event to collect NEW TOYS for needy children. The toys are distributed to children through the Downey Council PTA H.E.L.P.S. "Christmas Basket" Program, Operation Santa, and other Downey organizations. Toys may be dropped off at any location displaying the Toy Collection Box and Poster. Those locations are Downey City Hall, all Downey Fire Stations, Downey City Library, the Community and Senior Center, and several local merchants. Toys will be collected from the end of November through mid December.

For additional information or any inquiries, please contact us:

Physical Address:
City of Downey
Public Works Department – Waste Management
2nd Floor
11111 Brookshire Avenue
Downey, CA 90241-7016

Mailing Address:
City of Downey
Public Works Department – Waste Management
P.O.Box 7016
Downey, CA 90241-7016

Tel: (562) 904-7103
Fax: (562) 904-7296

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